Who will support me?

The doctors and nurses at your GP practice will take overall charge of your treatment. If they feel you need more help they will refer you to one of the many diabetes specialists who work in your area.

You may be referred to a podiatrist if you are having problems with the circulation or nerve supply to your feet, which can happen if you have diabetes.

If you have an active foot problem such as an ulcer, you should be referred quickly to a specialist foot team involving a podiatrist and a consultant diabetologist. They will involve a doctor who specialises in circulation (vascular surgeon) if required.

You will meet dietitians during the education programmes that are available for people with diabetes. Dieticians can help with advice on carb counting and how to manage some of the dietary related conditions some people with diabetes can have.

Diabetic specialist nurses are involved in diabetic education programmes. They can also help you and your practice team with specialist support if you are struggling with your diabetes control.