Fixing Dad

The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust is proud to be a partner in the making of Fixing Dad, an inspirational film about Geoff Whitington and his journey to a better life.

Geoff is 62, lives in Ashford and, with serious health conditions including type 2 diabetes, is a regular visitor to the Paula Carr Diabetes Centre. It was the Paula Carr podiatrist who, in late 2013, diagnosed Geoff with Charcot’s Foot, a damaging condition associated with diabetes. The podiatrist persuaded Geoff and his family of the seriousness of the complication and his overall condition.

Now Geoff’s sons, Ian and Anthony, are on a mission to fix their Dad by motivating him to eat a healthier diet, cut down on the booze and get fitter. In late 2013 he weighed around 19 stone and was being kept alive by a cocktail of drugs. Today he weighs in at 14 stone and is making the transformation from diabetes sufferer to diabetes champion.

Using their film making experience Ian and Anthony Whitington are documenting Geoff’s journey in their film Fixing Dad. They hope the film will inspire other people to get back on the right road and start to lead a healthier life.

The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust have supported the Whitington family all the way through the making of the film and have recently increased their backing to allow Geoff to visit specialist diabetes conferences. There he helps doctors to understand the patient’s perspective, as someone who has experienced almost the entire lifecycle of type 2 diabetes, from diagnosis, through to complications, management and even now attempted reversal.

Ian and Anthony say: “It is The Paula Carr Trust who helped to guide our dad toward a new path both physically and emotionally. We would like to extend our eternal gratitude and reciprocal support to the trustees of the Paula Carr Trust – we could not have done any of this without you!”