Children enjoying their 6-2-7 day in CanterburyA group of Year 6 children with Type 1 diabetes from all over East Kent enjoyed a day of fun games and learning activities at the Thanington Resource Centre in Canterbury recently. Delivered by the Children’s Diabetes Team from East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, the session was designed to help the ten and eleven year olds prepare for the move to secondary school in September. The ‘6-2-7’ day has been developed in conjunction with the other Children’s Diabetes Teams across Kent.

Hannah Keohane, Specialist Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian and leader for the day’s activities, said: “For all Year 6 children the move to secondary school is a big change and children with Type 1 diabetes often need support to help this go smoothly. Our session brought children together to share experiences, build their confidence and learn some important new skills.”

Being well organised is part of managing Type 1 diabetes. One of the activities at the day, the Rucksack Challenge, was designed to teach the children about the essential items they need to carry with them at school at all times, such as their blood glucose meters, insulin pens and glucose.

“We also helped the children learn about a healthy diet and the effect different foods have on their blood glucose levels” said Hannah Keohane. “Our Cool Carbs game helped them understand which foods contain carbohydrates, which have an effect on blood glucose levels and the best foods to choose for a healthy balanced diet”

The day was funded by the South East Diabetes Clinical Network with support from the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust.