Pictured above is Gary Fagg Chairman of The Paula Carr Trust with Trustee Ros Debling , Jack and Dottie .

The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust have helped school boy Jack Hales manage his diabetes with the help of a furry friend named Dottie.
The Trust have recently paid for the training of Dottie, a Medical Detection Dog, who can alert Jack when she senses his blood sugar levels are abnormal so that urgent action can be taken.
Jack lives in Sutton Valence with his family and was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of four .
Jack’s mum Heather said that Jack’s blood sugar readings had always been erratic and Jack sometimes had to carry out dozens of blood sugar readings a day.

Ros Debling,Trustee of the Paula Carr , was invited to attend an open day at MDD Headquarters in Milton Keynes and was put in touch with the Hales family. They had already secured a place on the MDD waiting list for an assistance dog. Although the experience of training Jack and Dottie has had it’s ups and downs , last October she was finally homed with Jack’s family.
This is the second dog that has been trained for Kent diabetics by MDD.

Heather Hales said ‘ a massive thank you to The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust for sponsoring the training of Dottie ;she has been responsible for a wonderful change in our family life and we all feel so much more safe and secure. As parents we find it difficult to express the difference Dottie has made, especially at night times when she alerts us to Jack’s blood sugar levels. She really is a superstar !’