When Patricia Williams heard about oxygen therapy for the first time, little did she know the difference it can make to the lives of people like her who are living with chronic pain. Now she knows for herself after completing a course of oxygen therapy funded by The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust.

Mrs Williams, as well as living with diabetes, has multiple health problems that cause considerable pain and mobility issues. Added to that she has recently had a malignant tumour removed under her left eye.

After hearing Karen Middlemiss from the MS Therapy Centre near Canterbury talk about how oxygen therapy can help relieve pain, she applied for the funding and has recently completed a 20-session course.

She says: “My surgeon has been very impressed with the healing of the wound under my eye, so much so that he has delayed the reconstruction. However, the difference it has made to my day to day life is amazing. My pain issues have become much more manageable and with fibromyalgia, arthritis and spondalosis, amongst other problems, that is no mean feat.”

She added: “It is wonderful to discover that one can escape pain and lead a reasonable life and I am so grateful that The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust is allowing me and others to experience a very worthwhile medical environment. It does what it says on the tin – as the advertisement says!”

If you are living with diabetes in Kent and are interested in applying for funding of twenty oxygen therapy sessions, contact The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust and request an application form office@paulacarrdiabetestrust.co.uk or telephone 01233 651844 and leave a message.