James gives oxygen therapy the thumbs-up

When James Hollis was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in November 2012 he was aged 62. Three years ago he developed leg ulcers. Initially they were treated with pressure bandages which needed changing daily by the nurse at his GP surgery. But a chance conversation in a hospital outpatient department led him to a different therapy with very encouraging results. Here he tells his story.

“In June this year I was attending King’s Hospital in London and while waiting for my appointment started talking to another patient. She saw my bandages and asked what the problem was so I explained about my leg ulcers. I shall never forget her saying to me: “Do yourself a favour and call this number.” The number was for the Kent MS Therapy Centre in Canterbury where they offer high dose oxygen treatment.

“I attended an interview with Karen Middlemiss, at the Centre, where she explained how oxygen therapy works, and also told me that as a Kent-based diabetic patient, I may be eligible for funding for the treatment from The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust.

“Happily, the Trustees agreed to fund the first 20 sessions which started in July 2019. I attended four or five times each week and since August there has been a massive improvement in the state of my leg ulcers. Surprisingly my dentist has remarked that my gums are much healthier too.

“The volunteers and staff at the MS Therapy Centre are delightful and extremely helpful and I would recommend this treatment for anyone experiencing painful and unsightly leg ulcers. I can’t thank the Trustees of The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust enough for funding my treatment.”

If you or someone you care for are living with diabetes in Kent and are interested in receiving oxygen therapy please contact The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust Office and ask for an application form.

Call 01233 651844 or email office@paulacarrdiabetestrust.co.uk