Laughter and fun at Jack & the Beanstalk

Over 100 accompanied children with Type 1 diabetes joined a fun-filled trip to the panto at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury at the end of November. The outing was funded by the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust and included some of the team from the East Kent University Hospitals NHS Trust Children’s Diabetes Service.

Every child received a Christmas chocolate selection box when they arrived – so there was lots of carb counting at the interval!  One parent commented that it was lovely for her child to see other children using the same diabetes equipment as her son and busy doing the same tests as him. 

There was some wonderful feedback from the families and the children. Here are just a few of the comments:

“I wanted to send on my thank you’s for the panto. Our 8 year old really enjoyed it. He booed louder than our whole section combined, he learnt the arm wiggle with maximum effort put in and just had a wonderful time. We don’t have any interaction with other diabetic children so it was wonderful to be surrounded by pump/ CGM beeps and blood testing.”

“A massive thank you for inviting us to the panto. Our son had a great time and his mum enjoyed being surrounded by other children and young people with diabetes. It was a very kind thing to organise.”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for organising the panto. It is such a strain managing diabetes all the time and it was quite emotional going to a positive thing that people had recognised was important for the kids. And the panto was of course great as usual!”