The annual 627 event to support children with their move from primary to secondary school was held by the East Kent Diabetes team on 27 July 2022.

The event was well attended and feedback was very positive.

The children took part in various events across the day – one of the first ‘ ice breaker ‘sessions was making monsters and creatures out of old newspapers!

The next session encouraged children to think about how their school day will change when they move to secondary school and how that might affect them.  Participants were asked to find out information about their new school prior to attending the 627 event, by checking out the new school’s website and completing a questionnaire.

Another session covered the connection between eating food and insulin production – which was very important .

Towards the end of the day they had a food focused quiz and  were all given a goodie bag full of useful school items –  provided by the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust.

The words used to describe the event overall, were  “really enjoyed it”, “fun” and “educational”.

Good luck at everyone making the move to new schools from all at The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust.