Hospital staff wear VR headsets to experience a diabetic hypo

Staff at East Kent hospitals had the chance to experience what a diabetic hypo is like, as part of events planned by the children’s diabetes team for World Diabetes Day in November.

Novo Nordisk and the Paul Carr Diabetes Centre loaned virtual reality headsets that showed colleagues what it would be like to experience a hypoglycaemic episode while driving a car, or while moving through the kitchen at home.

The team also handed out laminated posters to raise awareness of the signs of Type 1 diabetes, and gave out goodies such as pens, stickers and hand gel, donated by the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust, The Eye Screening Department, Diabetes UK and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Stephie-Louise Smith, paediatric diabetes specialist nurse for the children’s diabetes team, said: “People were surprised at how realistic the experience of a hypo seemed.

“Not everyone had realised how debilitating this might be, or the time it might take to recover completely in order to function normally.

“Staff also had the opportunity to ask any questions about diabetes they may have. We really appreciate colleagues taking time out of their busy days to engage with us and learn more about diabetes and how best to care for our patients.”