Since November 2020 the PCDT has worked closely with East Kent Foot Care to deliver a diabetic foot screening service at their Evegate Clinic, Ashford. Over that time, 2,468 diabetic patients have been screened with many returning for their annual review 

It has proved so successful that The Trustees have agreed to fund a weekly screening service at the new East Kent Foot Care clinic based at Folkestone Sports Centre Radnor Park Avenue, CT19 5PX which is in the Wellbeing Centre rather than the main building. 

The diabetic foot check is completed by a degree trained Podiatrist with results interpreted and acted upon. Routine nail cutting is NOT included only urgent tissue viability treatment will be given on the day if deemed necessary by the Podiatrist 

Screenings consist of a lifestyle and footwear discussion, education, doppler soundwave, 10g monofilament sensory neuropathy testing and Rydel-Seiffer Tuning fork vibration test. Pictured with Jo Shapter is recently diagnosed, John, a Type 2 Diabetic being assessed. All results are notified to the patients GP. 

Because of patient confidentiality The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust are unable to assist with clinical matters 

Contact the East Kent Foot Care admin team directly on 07359 650 965  to book