Easter Raffle

The Swanley Therapy Centre has proved to be a very important part of Elizabeth’s health care regime. Diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia Trait in her youth and Type 2 Diabetes in 2008, her life changed dramatically . Feeling permanently tired whilst having to balance her blood sugars and general well -being , Elizabeth read about the benefits of Oxygen Therapy . She has now been attending regularly since 2022 and feels the benefit in many ways. Not only has her constant feeling of tiredness diminished but her skin shows a marked improvement and her blood sugar readings are stable.

Elizabeth occasionally books an additional therapy offered at Swanley, for an additional charge ,including Reflexology and Bowen Technique.

She herself, helps with buying raffle tickets and sponsoring events ,such as those who are running/ cycling for the Centre.

Elizabeth explained that it isn’t just the oxygen that helps her with her health, she also meets others who are experiencing issues with their lives and appreciates the company and thoughtfulness of everyone attending .She always feels energised when she leaves the Centre having spent time with others also benefitting health wise with their MS, Long COVID , fractures and other health issues.