Paula Carr Diabetes Centres

The first project the Trust funded was to build and equip the Paula Carr Diabetes Care Centre in Ashford, which was opened by HRH, the Princess of Wales on 21 October 1992.

Since then, the charity has provided financial support to build and equip a further two Paula Carr Diabetes Centres in Maidstone and Margate.

All three centres today provide a base from which diabetes specialists provide integrated care, treatment, screening and health education for people living with diabetes in their areas.

The Ashford centre is also home to the specialist retinal eye screening service available to all NHS diabetes patients in Kent and Medway which is operated by In Health Intelligence.

Supporting patients and healthcare professionals

The principal aim of the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust is to support patients who are living with diabetes. This support is provided in many different ways.

For patients

A range of educational resources has been developed for patients to help them manage their diabetes from day to day. This includes a free patient information pack, designed for people who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, which is available to all patients in the Kent and Medway area from your GP surgery.

Requests for support for patients are usually referred to the Trust by the patient’s healthcare team (for example GP, diabetic specialist nurse, podiatrist or paediatric dietician).

For healthcare professionals

The Trust also funds the trial of new technologies that have the potential to improve patient care.


Chairman of the Trustees

Gary Fagg MBE

Gary has been involved with the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust for over 20 years and has been chairman since 2006. Gary’s father had Type 1 diabetes and consequently his interest in the disease began at an early age. His career was spent in the pharmaceutical industry with a specific focus on diabetes projects. He is passionate about informing and educating people about diabetes and is proud to lead a team of dedicated Trustees.


Clive Anderson

Clive has spent most of his working life within the pharmaceutical industry. He developed his commercial and managerial experience with pharmaceutical wholesalers – he became interested in diabetes through his work with these companies , two of whom developed drugs for Type 2 diabetes.

Ros Debling

Ros was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1986 and joined the steering group prior to the formation of the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust. Before she retired in 2011 Ros was Operations Director for an Ashford-based company with depots throughout the UK. She brings considerable commercial expertise to her role as Trustee.

Steve Bond

Steve has been associated with the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust since 1998 through his work as a pharmaceutical professional. He has seen the Trust grow and provide invaluable support for patients across Kent. He was delighted to join the board of Trustees in 2013 and brings commercial acumen combined with an excellent knowledge of the NHS.

John Coleman

John served in the NHS for 39 years before retiring in 2020. Since 2000 John operated at senior management level in several roles within the acute hospital services across West London and Surrey. He is an experienced leader who has a record of delivering clinical innovation working alongside a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals.

As a senior NHS manager John had to navigate between shrewd financial management and delivering a high-quality clinical service based on good patient outcomes and value for money. John has a MSc in Health Economic from London School of Economics and has completed the Kings Fund Top Managers course.

Office Manager

Helen Elford

Helen joined the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust in August 2013 and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust office. She brings a wealth of experience in office management and can be contacted on the office number for any queries about the Trust, including fundraising and donations.

More projects we're involved in

Helping Year 6 children in the transition to secondary school

Making the move from primary to secondary school can be an anxious time for many children. For 11 years olds with Type 1 diabetes it’s particularly challenging, as they move from a smaller, more nurturing environment to one where students are expected to look after themselves and gain their independence.

The Kent & Medway Diabetes Paediatric Group, working with the Paula Carr Diabetes Trust, have developed a structured education programme for Year 6 children to give them the skills and confidence to manage their diabetes in a secondary school environment.

The Paula Carr helps support the paediatric teams with these fantastic yearly events buy sourcing venues and providing goodie bags for the children full of useful items to start their new school year.

Looking After Your Feet

In response to the growing concern over diabetic complications in Kent, The Paula Carr Diabetes Trust has teamed up with Specialist Podiatrist Jo Shapter to offer vital foot care assessments to diabetic patients in East Kent. With a focus on prevention and early intervention, their clinics at Evegate Business Park have screened over 2,400 patients in three years, identifying and addressing issues like neuropathy and leg ulcers.

To learn more about booking procedures and the impact of these assessments, read the full article.